Pastor Cliff Gonzales and his wife came to visit family for a 2-week holiday in Edmonton 2002…

In 2002, Pastor Cliff Gonzales and his family visited Edmonton for a two week holiday. And was burdened with the relatives here in Edmonton, they were all attending different church bodies as just “attenders” and had just been going to church for the religion. During the holiday, his relatives asked Pastor Cliff to start a church here in Edmonton, while he had already planted a church in Vancouver. So, Pastor Cliff started sharing stories of church planting he’s been a part of in Vancouver and his family started getting excited. The confirmation came from the Lord in July 2002 during a Klondike days event that being was hosted by a Filipino community. After attending the event, Pastor Cliff and his wife, Jenny, saw thousands of Filipinos at that event and God gave them hearts to really reach out to them and has spoke to their hearts that there was a great need in Edmonton. Then, God had asked them to move to Edmonton. By September 2002, the Gonzales family moved to Edmonton. 

That was the beginning of it. They started with meeting with 5 families in in the city, excluding relatives. And it became clear to Pastor Cliff, they needed to plant this church. Thus, starting with the 5 families, Living Grace International Church, had our first ever service in October 2002; families came one by one, including the relatives which were in Pastor Cliff’s heart. 

32 people attended the first ever service at Living Grace International. 14 months later, we hired Pastor Joshua Pantoja as an associate as we continued to grow. We spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and many people responded. 

In 2004, we planted The Journey with Christ Church North Edmonton (Located in Castledowns area) and extended LGI and that work grew to about 80 people in just one year. 

In 2005, the Gonzales family accepted the call to move to Calgary to continue the church-planting movement. Pastor Joshua Pantoja took over as Senior Pastor, and in 2008, we changed our name to The Gathering Church as we started working with a small Alliance and Pentecostal church in the Millwoods community.

We are now currently renting out at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church, known as The Gathering Church. God continues to show us how good and gracious He is by sustaining us and showing us ways to advance His Kingdom in Southwest community of Edmonton.

Following Christ isn’t just following a religion, it’s all about knowing Jesus and making Jesus known.

17 YEARS LATER, we are able to see changed lives, renewal, and transformation, all for glory of God.

Yearly images of The Gathering Church (AKA Living Grace International Church) from 2009—Present.

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I am so glad that you have chosen to join us today, either as a new friend, a returning or regular attendee, or even a long-time member. One thing I know: you are are reading this note because you want to know and experience God and His love; you want to make your life count for something that truly matters and lasts for eternity. 

We want to know you more as a friend and would be willing to come alongside you in your journey of faith. Whether you are seeking to know God or to serve Him in the context of this community, I consider you an important part of the puzzle that will help make a full-orbed picture of what Christian community is.

Next time you visit us, bring along a loved one or a friend. We want to let you know that God’s love is contagious! The Bible says, “We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).” Come and let us experience that love of Jesus as we grow and serve together!

Pastor Ma.Johnston Pablo